Albert Einstein Learning and Education Center

Sao Paulo, Brazil,

This new medical school within the Einstein Hospital system features simulation labs and clinical practice areas. This education hub will train doctors and nurses in a patient-centered approach that aligns research and practice. Based on the open innovation concept, the center will be a hub for development of new products and technology-based health services. The goal is to transform knowledge and ideas into innovative solutions, useful not only to Einstein, but also for wider dissemination to the market and healthcare sector. Given the bustle and intense traffic of a city like Sao Paulo, the new facility is sited to imbue a sense of calmness. External and internal gardens are integrated with the architecture, and a series of diverse courtyards act as communal living rooms of the facility. At night, the glass roof and the terraced gardens cast a warm and welcoming glow into the surrounding neighborhood.

Project Type: Healthcare

Client: Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein


Associate Architect/Medical Planner - Perkins & Will