Callahan Residence

Birmingham, Alabama, 1981

In its geometry and its unusual relationship to the site, this house responds to the client's statement that his fantasy was to live in the control tower of Dulles Airport. The result is a transparent, extroverted building with a commanding presence over its surroundings. The wood-framed house consists of three principal levels connected by a central staircase. The lowest level, dug into the hill, contains the bedrooms and a fully glazed garden room that faces north to the city of Birmingham. The house is entered on the the second level, which accommodates the kitchen, dining room, and library. The upper level, cantilevered towards the city, houses the living room. The continuous inclined roof, facing south, contains large skylights that capture the sun during the winter and are covered by a rolling white canvas screen during the summer months. The central staircase leads to the garden room below.

Project Type: Residential

Client: Dr. Alston Callahan

Cost: N/A

Size: 7800