Centro Hospitalario Serena del Mar

Cartagena, Colombia,

The contemporary hospital must be an efficient machine, effectively serving patients, staff and the public at large. It must do so with clarity in a manner that is self-orienting. But, above all, a hospital must be a place that provides an uplifting and healing environment. The design of the Central Hospitalario Serena del Mar ensures contact with nature and its surroundings through every part of the building; even in the areas where operational efficiency is paramount - emergency rooms, operating rooms and clinics - exposure to the exterior, lake and gardens is maintained. The building consists of a spine, a linear bar structure, accommodating labs and offices, abutting a parallel bamboo garden that extends from one end of the hospital to the other, around which major circulation occurs. Five wings project perpendicular to this spine towards the lake, forming four garden courtyards between them. Each courtyard is uniquely landscaped and open on one side to views of the lake and the hills. Wherever one is within the building, gardens and views define circulation. All patient rooms look to the outdoors through courtyards and gardens to the lake beyond. The structure is flexible and designed to be constructed in phases, beginning with two wings in phase one, with additional wings to be built as the linear structure expands. Convenient underground parking is similarly phased. An interstitial floor at the third level provides space for mechanical services, medical equipment and distribution, with the flexibility of being able to add and replace equipment as technology and needs evolve. The highly sustainable building takes advantage of all of the features of the site. The high performance building envelope features deep roof overhangs with recessed windows and movable sun screens to control thermal gain. Intensive water management strategies, such as gray water recycling, also help to integrate hospital, water and gardens. As a result, the buildings function with high efficiency and offer comfortable connections to the surrounding healing gardens and views beyond.

Project Type: Healthcare

Client: Novus Civitas for Serena del Mar

Size: 543373