Coldspring New Town

Baltimore, Maryland, 1981

The Baltimore Department of Housing and Urban Development commissioned Coldspring as part of its program to revitalize the downtown. The vacant site, abutting neighborhoods to the east and west, consisted of an abandoned quarry, rolling hills, and Cylburn Park to the north. The master plan proposed high-rise housing on the northern hilltop and descending into the quarry, complemented by cluster housing on the steep hills and deck housing on the flatter areas, for a total of 3, 780 units. In addition, community services, schools, and a town center spanning the highway were proposed. Special attention was given to the preservation of the park and the adjacent development. Following the approval of the master plan, the firm was commissioned to develop architectural plans for the deck and cluster housing. Two phases of 480 units of deck housing were completed by 1978, consisting of townhouses and maisonettes straddling a landscaped pedestrian deck, under which two parking spaces per unit were provided. The decks form a continuous, traffic-free pedestrian path through the town.

Project Type: Residential

Client: City of Baltimore Department of Housing and Urban Development (master plan) F.D. Rich Housing Corporation (developer – housing)

Cost: N/A