Colombo Residential Development

Colombo, Sri Lanka,

Building on the experimental project Habitat ’67 in Montreal, Safdie Architects has continued to explore a series of projects incorporating fractal-geometry surface patterns, a dramatic stepping of the structure that results in a network of gardens open to the sky, and streets that interconnect and bridge community gardens in the air. A new mixed use development in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the latest high density urban housing project to expand on these precepts. The 69-storey mixed use development fronts onto Beira Lake, with pedestrian friendly retail outlets at the ground level. Expansive family and community space amenities are realized, in part by community gardens and shared outdoor spaces within upper levels of the building, as well as individual roof gardens or terraces for every one of the individual residences. The notable building form consists of two tower blocks, with one block leaning into the other vertical tower, which supports it. The overall form tapers elegantly towards the sky, maintaining a delicacy on the skyline. The structure is highly rationalized, affording cross-ventilation and multiple exposures in every residential unit. The towers are oriented to the movement of the sun and to maximize air flow in the tropical climate, as well as take advantage of 270-degree views of Beira Lake and the Indian Ocean. At the ground level, an arcade of retail outlets on the west side facing Beira Lake sets the standard for future lakefront development along the planned pedestrian promenade. Restaurants on a mezzanine level overlook the promenade onto the lake.

Project Type: Residential

Client: Indocean Developers Private Ltd.