Comverse Network Systems Headquarters

Ra'anana, Israel, 2000

The new headquarters for Comverse Network Systems, Israel’s leading telecommunications company, will house offices and manufacturing facilities for 6,000 employees, and will include 4,000 underground parking spaces. The complex consists of eight office pavilions flanking a glazed community “street” that forms the spine and lifeline of the community. The office buildings – four and five stories high – are set atop a floor devoted to manufacturing and services. There are four underground parking levels below. The linear office structures are set 32 meters apart, containing a series of thematic gardens with lush plantings, water features and recreational spaces. The largest of the gardens contains dining terraces and a health club opening to an outdoor swimming pool. The glazed street – 270 meters long and 40 meters high at its apex – is formed by triangular steel frames interlaced with stainless steel cable supports, completely glazed. It serves as the entrance to the complex, provides dining and café facilities, is lined with service shops, and generally forms the interactive space for the community. The street can be converted from a naturally ventilated space during the comfortable seasons to an air-conditioned or heated space in summer and winter. Vertically retracting glass doors open the space to the elements when possible. The provision of daylight to offices and manufacturing space has been a high priority in the development of the design. The office structures have a series of recesses bringing daylight to most rooms. Landscaped courtyards penetrate the manufacturing floor bringing daylight to the offices and production areas below. To harmonize the building with its pastoral setting in Ra’anana, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, a series of undulating, vaulted roofs atop the office buildings are covered by a thin layer of earth compound planted with tall grasses, which also contribute to the insulation and cooling of the spaces below.

Project Type: Academic

Client: Comverse Network Systems

Cost: $150 million

Size: 2200000


Associate Architect - I. Eldar Architects Ltd