Corrour Estate

Scottish Highlands, Scotland, 2001

Corrour Estate evokes the tradition of great Scottish houses and weaves together remnants of the original Victorian-era great house on the site, destroyed by fire in 1940. A glass vaulted Great Hall forms the center of the house and is flanked by two masonry volumes, one rectangular, the other cylindrical. These volumes are penetrated by glass structures that are, respectively, conical and pyramidal. Surviving original granite outbuildings accommodate various back-of-house functions. The split-face granite surfaces of the new structure match those of the original. The lodge is sited so that all guest rooms have views of Loch Ossian, while walkways and terraces afford views of the surrounding Highlands. In approving the design, The Royal Fine Arts Commission for Scotland noted that the complex is “destined to become one of the few examples of world-class 20th Century architecture in Scotland.”

Project Type: Residential

Client: Corrour Estates Ltd.

Size: 20000


Associate Architect - né Begg architects