Golden Dream Bay

Qinhuangdao, China, 2014

A high-density residential beachfront community, the Qinhuangdao project offers a bold new concept for urban living. As a project that combines both second homes for residents of various neighboring Chinese cities, as well as permanent residence for many families of the city of Qinhuangdao, the design strives to create a garden environment combining numerous private and public gardens in the sky. Many units, ranging from ground to the 30th floor, open to generous roof decks, creating a series of stacked penthouses. In addition, there are garden/pool areas atop the parking deck and at the 15th and 30th floors respectively. Qinhuangdao Golden Dream Bay is conceived as a vital, urban seafront community. As such, it is organized around a beachfront boardwalk running north/south, and an east/west bazaar-like spine connecting the abutting neighboring communities as well as the community with the beach area. This crisscrossing of two community spines will provide for daytime and nighttime activities, designed for all seasons, with facilities that will serve both those living within and around.

Project Type: Residential

Client: Kerry Properties Ltd.