Guangzhou Children's Palace

Guangzhou, China, 2003

The Guangzhou No. 2 Children's Palace, together with the adjacent library, museum and opera house, constitutes the Culture and Art Square located along the new central city axis of Guangzhou. A ceremonial entrance faces the urban axis and linear park; a secondary entrance is located near the metro station on the opposite side of the site. Linking these entrances is a glazed, crescent-shaped interior promenade that forms a transparent, inviting structure, prominent on the urban skyline. Located along the promenade, which also acts as the building’s spine, are a series of pavilions, each containing a particular programme component such as dance, music, fine arts, calligraphy or theatre. Sunken gardens, each themed to reflect a different aspect of traditional Chinese landscape design, are placed between the pavilions with classrooms opening onto them. The pavilions on the south side of the promenade have been kept narrow, enabling every room in the complex to have cross-ventilation and access to natural light. The pavilions on the north side have larger footprints; they contain internal garden courtyards, which provide natural daylight to surrounding spaces. The promenade connects all the pavilions and therefore encourages cross-fertilization between different departments, enabling students to explore other activities.

Project Type: Cultural

Client: Guangzhou Development Planning Commission

Size: 590701