Hebrew College

Newton, Massachusetts, 2002

The site for Hebrew College incorporates the northern wooded slope below it, occupied by Andover Newton Theological Seminary. Several buildings are organized along the hillside and contain within them the heart of the campus––the green commons. Facing the green is a two-story library, which appears from the green as a continuous line of reading tables along a great glass wall with the library stacks arranged as a backdrop, thus subtly evoking the theme of the People of the Book. An entry building/gateway to the west houses a lecture hall, museum, and administrative offices. Another linear structure, facing the library and wooded hillside across the green, accommodates classrooms and faculty offices. The interior heart of the campus, the student center, is located on the level below the green, open to the sky through sunken courtyards and skylights. It contains a cafeteria, bookstore, and computers and also opens up to the wooded hillside to the north.

Project Type: Academic

Client: Hebrew College, Newton, Massachusetts

Cost: $18 million

Size: 129166