Mamilla Center

Jerusalem, Israel, 2009

Located largely in what was once the no-man’s-land between the Israeli and Jordanian sectors of Jerusalem, the Mamilla district forms the connection between the old and new cities. In 1972 the firm was commissioned to develop an urban design for the 28-acre site comprising a central business and mixed-use district. The master plan called for recreating a park in the historic valley of Hinom. On the south bank are 250 residential units and a 385 room hotel; on the north bank are a bus terminal, public car parks for 1,600 vehicles, a two-level pedestrian shopping street with 300,000 square feet of retail space, as well as apartments, offices, and a second hotel. In 1986 Ladbroke Group of the United Kingdom was designated as the developer for the project. Safdie Architects was retained to undertake all building on the site. In 1994 Al-Rov of Tel Aviv joined Ladbroke to implement the Mamilla Hilton and the residential and commercial sectors. Consideration for the historic character of the area as well as detailed market, economic, and transportation analysis were integral parts of the planning process. The project integrates the preservation and restoration of historic structures with the design of new buildings.

Project Type: Mixed Use

Client: Alrov

Cost: $40 million

Size: 50000