Mamilla District, David's Village

Jerusalem, Israel, 1993

In 1972 the firm began developing an urban design for a 28-acre site comprising a central business district and mixed-use district in this former no-man's land between the city's Israeli and Jordanian sections. The master plan called for creating a park in the historic valley of Hinome. The firm was then retained to undertake all building on the site. On the south bank are 200 residential units and a 350-room hotel; on the north bank are a bus terminal, public car parks, a two-level shopping street, as well as apartments, offices, and a second hotel. On the south bank of the historic valley of Hinome are the David's Village residential units, terraced luxury dwellings overlooking the city wall. Many of the homes bridge over pedestrian walkways; parking is provided below ground. The project integrates the preservation and restoration of historic structures with the design of new buildings.

Project Type: Residential

Client: Ladbroke Group / Alrov

Size: 300000