Mercaz Shimshon

Jerusalem, Israel, 2001

Mercaz Shimshon is a new wing adjacent to Beit Shmuel within the campus of Hebrew Union College and the World Union for Progressive Judaism in Jerusalem. The complex accommodates the multipurpose Great Hall overlooking David's Citadel and the Old City, a 400-seat theater, a conference center, and an expansion of the hostel in Beit Shmuel. The Great Hall, enclosed by masonry arches interpenetrated by a lead-coated copper pyramid, with a 9-meter-high, conical window facing the Old City, is a significant element in Jerusalem's skyline as viewed from the Jaffa Gate area and crowning the Mamilla complex below. The Great Hall serves for banquets, lectures and public events. The 400-seat theater has been designed with acoustic adjustability to meet the needs of lectures and recitals, as well as theater. The activities within this complex join with the activities of Beit Shmuel and the campus as a whole, serving as a vital cultural center in the heart of Jerusalem.

Project Type: Cultural

Client: World Union for Progressive Judaism

Cost: $14 million

Size: 47361