North Station District Master Plan

Boston, Massachusetts, 1981

The North Station district borders Boston's Government Center and downtown. The site includes an area of 19th-century industrial and office buildings to the south, a segment of the downtown Central Artery, the site for a new Federal Government Headquarters, and a new sports arena to replace the old Boston Garden and the North Station railway terminal, its multiple tracks extending across the Charles River. The master plan, commissioned by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, proposed to reorganize the railway and arterial road system and make this area a vital part of downtown. A canal cut through the area would extend the river-front Esplanade into the site and form a new island, all to be lined with waterfront housing. A new public piazza where the old Boston Garden stood is fronted by the government office building and sports arena, with the railway station below ground. In-fill construction would then consolidate the historic area with the downtown.

Project Type: Urban Design/Planning

Client: Boston Redevelopment Authority