Robina Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia, 1982

Stretching along the eastern boundary of Australia's Gold Coast, the master plan for Robina proposed an extension of the city, incorporating low- and medium-density housing, community services, a town center, and a tourist and casino complex. Prepared for the landowner of the 4,000-acre estate, a grand canal and lake would be created to overcome flooding, using the excavated earth to raise the surrounding area by two meters. The town would extend from the town center with its terraced and high-rise housing in the southern foothills, through waterfront housing along the grand canal and secondary lagoons, to the lake in the north. Within the lake a series of islands would accommodate clusters of housing, a hanging garden recreation area, the casino complex, two convention hotels, and an arena, all linked by a causeway to each other and to the mainland.

Project Type: Urban Design/Planning

Client: Robina Land Corporation