Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music

Melbourne, Australia, 2012

The acclaimed Monash University was founded in 1961 with an emphasis on research and technology but has grown to be the largest university in Australia. Monash’s expanding prominence in the arts, together with a network of campuses and partnerships across Asia, has fueled its expansion and vision for the future. The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music is an iconic new addition to the Clayton campus, serving as a symbol for the arts. The program includes a 500-seat recital hall with superior acoustics for performance, as well as a multipurpose hall with 100 seats for ensemble and chamber performances. With a focus on classical and jazz training, the facility also includes 40 individual practice rooms, a recording studio, a café/restaurant and jazz club space, as well as department offices and support spaces. An external amphitheatre is sited to take advantage of the temperate climate, and draw visitors into an immersive arts experience. The new building acts as a dramatic new gateway to the campus, with a more porous façade that faces Monash Walk, the primary internal pedestrian circulation through campus, and a stepped curved shell form that announces the importance of music and the arts to the community. The main façades are precast with glass and metal accents. The splayed curved forms of the recital hall and multipurpose room are comprised of precast and stainless steel.

Project Type: Cultural

Client: Monash University