Yad Vashem Transport Memorial

Jerusalem, Israel, 1995

Two railway cars used to transport Jews to death camps were given by the Government of Poland to Yad Vashem and to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. At Yad Vashem, the railway car is placed in the landscape projecting from the hillside at an angle from the wall that is a replica of a Polish railway bridge. Half the bridge cantilevers into the air as if the other half was destroyed, blown away, its steel beams twisted. At the tip of the cantilevered bridge hovering over the valley above the treetops is the railway car, a journey into the abyss. Visitors descend from the road along the length of the retaining wall. A small platform echoes the memory of a railway station. From its edge, the uncultivated landscape descends to the bottom of the Wadi and the view of Beit Hakerem.

Project Type: Museum

Client: The Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority

Cost: $1 million